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How much Merritt has grown since 1996

I grew up in Merritt and graduated from Merritt Secondary School Class of 1994. I lived continued to live in Merritt for another 2 years then I decided to move to the North to a Town Called Smithers, BC, Canada I lived and worked in Smithers for 4 years. During that time I lived in Smithers I came back to visit my family and friends in during June of 1997. I started to notice the changes there was a development happening up behind the Gas Station Alley they building a number of low income houses being built there. I thought that was great because Merritt was in the need of low Income housing. Another development downtown was taking shape Phase 1 of the railyard mall development, the new Overwaitee store and 10 other small stores which would house the Dollar Store, Mandolin's Bagel & Coffeehouse, Radio shack Coquihalla Travel , Barton Black & Robertson Insurance Agencies LTD, Winners Edge, and the new liquor Store. Currently today there are still 3 empty retail outlet spaces available. I could remember when the old liquor store, Video Update, Granny's Kitchen was across from the Pharmasave Store presently it is an empty lot. The building next to Overwaitee which houses three small empty retail spaces and Home Hardware opened April 8 of 2000 four months before I moved back to Merritt. I also noticed back Merritt got a Bike Shop called Bonzai Cycle, City Furniture moved into the old Overwaitee building and The Fitness Zone move into City Furniture's old building. I also noticed Merritt now has a Computer Store called D & A Computers. I also noticed Merritt got a new Pub called Middlesborough Neighbourhood Pub up being McDonald's. University College of the Caribou and Nicola Valley Institute Of Technology is going to have a joint Campus up on the Bench. I noticed that there is new building going up behind the Dairy Queen I not sure what is going to house but it looks like apartment complex If anyone reading this knows what is going in there and the name of the street is called please email me? There is some construction going on around railyard mall the New Merritt Library is taking shape and so is the new automotive shop which I not sure what it is going to called but if anyone knows please email. I know that they are building a new Access Centre and New Ministry of Human Resources Office and new Ministry Of Children and Families Office.