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Welcome to Coquihalla Country this your community news and information for the Nicola Valley. Merritt has a population approximately 8,000 people and 15,000 trade area population. The Nicola Valley has three major highway routes. Merritt is approximately 82 km (52 miles) Southwest from Kamloops, which is about a 45 minute on the Coquihalla Highway. Merritt is approximately 138km (92miles)West of Kelowna. It is about a (1hrs 15minutes) drive if you take Okanagon Connector. Merritt is approximately 271km (168 miles) Northeast of Vancouver in the heart of the Nicola Valley. Merritt is about a 3 hour drive from Vancouver if you take highway 1 to Hope then take the Coquihalla highway. Merritt is hub of the interior highway network. Merritt is industries are logging, ranching, mining, tourism, and government. Merritt is the home of The Merritt Mountain Music Festival which happens every July. The Nicola Valley is home of 156 lakes that are great for camping, fishing, and hiking.